"YES, I want to unleash the PAWer of

Owie BowWowie and FURiends..."

Did you know that each year over 20 million children are hospitalized and nearly 8 million of these children have no family or FURiends who are able to visit them?


Yep, that’s right and there's more!

90% will suffer emotional upset because of their hospital stay...

54 different strangers will enter their hospital room on the first day...

30% will suffer psychological disturbances...

And, while the physicians are tirelessly working to find a cure for the many life-threatening diseases...

Definition of cure: A drug or course of medical treatement used to restore health.

Our job is to help a child with their emotional healing...

Definition of healing: 1) The process of making or becoming sound or healthy. 2) To ease or relieve emotional distress. 
Because "we" know that when we join PAWS with the medical community we're now helping to heal the "whole" child! And once healing begins... SMiles happen! 

Each Owie BowWowie® Comfort Companion costs $30.00 to create and comes complete with: Owie BowWowie® (who is an adorable, 12" soft plush dog, who has bandaids of his own, and is hospital approved and therapeutically designed.) Owie also comes with a soothing mini-blanket, custom storybook, reusable carrying bag, and is personally delivered with a hug!

Now, we know what you're thinking...  With nearly 8 million children, who are hospitalized with no family or FURiends to visit them, how will we ever be able to "heal" every child? 

Our answer is simple... #OneOwieAtATime!

Our goal is to deliver 2,500 Owie BowWowie Comfort Companion Gift Sets in 2019. 

Please join us today to help us to comfort the hurts and hearts of hospitalized children...



To make donating easy, you can either click the button and donate online --------------------->

or you can mail  your donation to:


Owie BowWowie and Friends Foundation

PO Box 1527

Cedar Ridge, CA 95924


Thank you so much for helping us comfort hospitalized children! 

Once you've donated, your name will be added to our list of PAWSitive PAWtners.