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Description of Lil' Owie

Lil' Owie was created "specifically"  for hospitalized children and can be loved by any child who has an Owie.
Lil' Owie is 7" tall and comes with three of his own bandages. Two are permanently affixed and one is removable for the child to play with. Owie's collar is also removable and Lil' Owie is delivered in his own carrying bag that reads, A friend for life's Owies. 

Owie may look like a stuffed plush toy, but within the heart of a child, he's comfort and joy. Owie understands what it's like to have a bad day, but he refuses to allow obstacles to get in his way. Because when a child is given a comforting friend, who understands what it's like to have an "owie" or two, that is the moment when healing begins...

Thank you for helping us comfort a child today! 

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