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Comfort Always
Owie's House

Hi, my name is Owie BowWowie and I am so happy to meet you.


I was created to bring "comfort and joy" (disguised as a toy) to hospitalized children and to children who need a comforting friend.  I'm 7" tall, come complete with my own bandaids, and I'm delivered in a carrying bag that reads: A friend for life's Owie's. 


No statistics are required to state that every child will experience an owie or two during their childhood.


Whether it's from the...


Common cold

Falling down

Losing a tooth

Touching something that's hot

Being a kid

Or an emotional owie...


Whatever a child's owie may be, an Owie BowWowie is the perfect, forever friend that a child will reach for time and time again, and is their constant reminder that they have a friend for Life's Owies!

Welcome to my home
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