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Please meet "You're Somebunny Special" Lil' Owie


You're Somebunny Special Lil' Owie is 7" tall and comes with bandages, removable bunny ears and a carrying case that reads: A friend for Life's Owies.

These bunny ears have been hand-stitched with love and were created so a hospitalized child will know that someone thinks they are somebunny special.

On the 25th of Remember, April 25, Sandie, our Child Life Specialist, will be doing another "child life" delivery and the You're Somebunny Special Lil' Owie will be given to the hospitalized children she cares FUR.

Our goal is to find 50 PAWSitive PAWtners who want to give away one of our, You're Somebunny Special Lil' Owie's, to a hospitalized child. This way, when a child is admitted into the hospital from April 25th to May 25th Sandie will be able to give each child a comFURting FURiend and no child will be FURgotten!


Will you please PAWS today and help us comFURt #OneHospitalizedChildAtATime because... it's important FUR a hospitalized child to know that they are somebunny special!




Donate a "Your SomeBunny Special" to a hospitalized child!

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