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Hi FURiend, this is Liddleman...



Thanks fur stopping by my page. I hope that you are having a great day, because it's always good to have a great day!  


Also, please notice that my FURiend Owie has his own holiday, and it happens each month on the 25th of Remember, yes it is, so make sure you join us and help us give comfort to children who are hospitalized and in need of a FURiend each month and not just at Christmastime! 



And, as soon as the delivery is made we will post the PAWmazing pictures... Yes, we will! 


And, if we haven't met yet, please PAWS and "LIKE" me on Facebook and watch my daily videos, because I'll bet they will make you happy. 


And, if you follow me from Owie's website let me know so I can tell Owie that a FURiend of his arrived! 


Kissy kiss, Liddleman

THE FUR-REAL STORY OF HOW Owie and I became FUR-REAL FURiends...