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Hi, my name is Owie BowWowie and this is my pup, Lil' Owie. The two of us were created to bring "comfort and joy" (disguised as a toy) and we're both on a very special mission. 

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My mission is to comFURt hospitalized children, and Lil' Owie's mission is to comFURt someone you love! 








Owie BowWowie

Owie BowWowie is 100% "FUR-REAL", and was created to be given to a hospitalized child who is waiting for their FUR-EVER friend.

Owie is a hospital approved, therapeutically designed 14” Owie, and comes complete with a soothing mini-blanket, custom storybook, reusable carrying bag, and is delivered with a PAWSitive hug to a hospitalized child.



Lil' Owie™ is 7” of PAWSitively PAWfect  plush and comes delivered in his own carrying bag. 

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